How it Works

Managed Church Website is arguably the easiest way to get your church online with a professional and easily updated website.

#1 – Sign Up

The first thing to do is to choose a package to suit your needs, each package includes a number of free pages to get you started and a number of update credits to spend each month. For example, adding a news item costs 1 credit, changing a page content costs 1 credit and adding a new page costs 2 credits.

There’s a short form to fill in and we’ll collect your first monthly payment.

#2 – Select Your Theme

This may be the hardest decision of the whole process, don’t you just hate choices? We’ve got a great line up of themes to choose from to give your site a professional look in a style that suits your church.

#3 – Content

At this stage we’re already working away in the background setting everything up for you. We’ll be in touch to ask for your content. You can send this by email, in a Word document or another file format you’re comfortable with.

#4 – Preview and Go

We’ll input the content you send us into your new website and make sure everything is looking just right. We’ll send you a link so you can preview everything and let us know you’re happy with how it looks. When you’re happy, we’ll put your website live for all the world to see.

#5 – Update

Once you’re website is setup and online, you’ll want to send us regular updates. Newsletters, events, write ups,¬†snippets¬†from your parish magazine, photos – they all help make your site interesting and encourage your visitors to keep coming back. Just drop us an email with the updates you want to make and we’ll take care of the rest!

Now you’ve got a professional looking website that’s up to date with all your latest news, the only thing left to do is go and tell everyone! Put your website address on your news sheet, your notice board, your calling cards, service sheets and anything else that is going to tell everyone where to find the latest news and updates about your church online.